The Morton Family

You know those clients that you just absolutely fall in love with? Well for me, it's the Morton Family. This family has always held a special place in my heart.  After shooting Britanny & Jason's 2014 wedding and then shooting Camilla at only 9 days old, I knew they were going to be clients for a lifetime.

Camilla Shelby is now 8 months old and smilier than ever, which you'll be able to tell very quickly. Between Mama's love & Daddy's kisses, Mills was just as cute as can be. I love when clients become more clients, so thank you Morton family for doing that.  As sad as I am to be leaving Tuscaloosa, I know that when I come back to visit, this family will be first on my list to shoot.  Shooting in the Tuscaloosa Arboretum is always a treat and this sunny spring day was nothing short of perfection.   

Stay tuned for this shoot getting featured later this summer! I am thrilled about it and will be sharing it as soon as it does.  As of this past Saturday, I am an Alabama alumni and ready to take on the big world.  Stay tuned for a blog post soon about my next steps into the real world.