Christina + Zac's Engagement Session

After days of rescheduling due to weather and scheduling issues, I finally got to take this wonderful couple's engagement pictures.  I'm sorry to my followers, but you have been seeing LOTS of Downtown Northport on this blog.  I'm just a tad obsessed with it if you cannot tell.  I am thankful for holidays that allow me to spend mine, doing what I love most, capturing people's love for one another.  These two could light up any room that they step into. The way that Zac looks at his fiance just gives me butterflies that could fly from her to Mars. Christina + Zac go together like peanut butter and jelly, they just fit together perfectly.  They are so fun to work with and I cannot wait to capture their wedding in October.  They will be tying the knot at Cypress Inn, which is one of the most beautiful venues here in Tuscaloosa.  I just can't wait to capture their love again!  

Here are a few of my favorites from their session!

Ansley & Kathryn's Graduation Session

Meeting Ansley and Kathryn was a cherry on top to my graduation sessions this winter semester.  They were two of the sweetest souls I have ever met and were such a joy to work with.  These girls were very light hearted and were so easy go lucky, which made the session an absolute blast.  

Ansley is a girl that you definitely should meet.  Her smile radiates through the camera and her laugh was contagious.  She studied English with a minor in American Studies at Alabama and will be attending The University of Georgia Law School this fall.  Congratulations smarty pants!  Ansley's dream job would be working at a big law firm, where she could partake in entertainment law for the music industry.  For now, her big goals are to work for a firm in Atlanta after graduating from law school with a Juris Doctor Degree.  As all graduates may say, she has said that her favorite pastime since graduation has been sleeping. I can totally imagine because I know that's what I will be doing come May!  

And Kathryn! Wow, this girl was a total sweetheart.  She was up for anything, especially popping a bottle of champagne to celebrate their graduation.  Kathryn majored in Advertising with a minor in Computer Science.  After graduation, she took a ten day trip to Israel and now she is working at her new job in New York City.  How awesome is that?  She says that she misses Guthrie's chicken fingers, double liquor drinks that only cost $7, and a free gym membership at Alabama.  Definitely all things I'll miss once I'm gone as well.  

Congratulations girls! You guys are both going very far in your fields.  

Alden's Graduation Session

Alden was such a joy to work with.  When she contacted me about doing her graduation session, I was overjoyed.  She was so fun and easy going!  Alden majored in Public Relations while minoring in Sports Marketing and Management.  She plans on working for the Motorsports industry doing marketing and sales.  Imagine how fun that would be!?  Her absolute dream job would be working as a sports broadcaster for Fox Sports, which I think she would be great at.  Thinking back on her time at Alabama, Alden says that her favorite part was meeting all the wonderful people that she became friends with.  Good luck Alden in your future!