Jessica & Kevin's Engagement Session in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Jessica & Kevin were my last session in Tuscaloosa for a while.  I shot in my favorite place, the University of Alabama Arboretum, and we shot in the morning before it got too hot and humid.  The Arboretum is a gorgeous place with lots of green and nature, which is the style they wanted to go for.  They brought their two little dogs along with them, Oliver & Ellie, who were just as sweet as can be.  Jessica & Kevin are the kind of people you want to be around;  they light up the place when they smile at each other and Kevin can make her laugh in an instant.  

My favorite story that these two tell is how they met.  J & K are both in medical school and oddly enough, they met the first week of it in their anatomy lab.  Jessica said she would spare me of the gory details (which I can imagine were not all ice cream and unicorns), and tell me about the first time they met outside of school.  Some medical students went out to a restaurant for dinner one night and once Kevin walked in, Jess realized the seat next to her was open.  She "saw me walk in and scrambled to get her stuff out of the chair next to her, almost demanding that I sit next to her" says Kevin.  They were inseparable ever since, as you can tell from their images.  I can't wait to shoot their wedding this November in Tuscaloosa and go back to my favorite town to do my favorite thing.