How to Find the Right Photographer for YOU!

Hey friends!

So glad to have you here! There’s clearly a reason that you clicked on this blog post, so let’s not waste any time and jump right in! Finding a photographer that you just adore is key for having a good photo session.  I have listed some of my favorite ways that clients have located and inquired with me, so helpfully they will help you as well! If you are looking for more tips and tricks for how to prepare for your photoshoot, download this freebie HERE! It has all helpful tips from how to pose to how to have fun to what not to eat before your photoshoot! 


1. Their Editing Style

When looking a photographer, you are going to want to be clear of the editing style you are wanting.  With all the technology out there now there are so many different types of edits one can do on an image.  This is strictly up to the photographer so make sure you’re in love with the way their photos look on their instagram or website before booking them! No matter the kinds of images you’re wanting or the emotion you’re trying to portray, this is something you want to research! If you’re stuck on posing, head over to my quick guide for some tips!

Here are a few examples of editing styles, see which one you relate to most!

Moody / Dramatic

This is something that has become very popular in the last couple of years! I think for certain shoots that this is such a fun way to portray the images.   If this is something you are super interested in, check out Olivia Markle Photography! She KILLS the moody game. I mean…. Just look!



These are images that are super high in contrast and saturation. The ones where you look at the colors are just like WOW! BOOM! In your face! This is not my editing style or aesthetic but I love these images, especially for certain photo shoots like family portraits etc. Like this for example! 




Now this…. This is where I’m at if you have seen any of my work! I just LOVE a good natural photo. The way I look at it is that 10 years down the road when you’re flipping through your wedding album, you are going to want to remember what exact color your bridesmaid dresses were, or if it was actually overcast and not super warm and sunny! I want to give people the real deal! Here’s an image of mine where you can definitely tell everything about the photo is natural and candid in the posing, editing style, and the shooting style!

These images are what you'll get if you book me for your wedding, family session, or a corporate event. Some of you may know, I HATE editing, so I like to do most of my work in camera when photographing. It keeps my post editing work to a minimum and it helps you get your images faster! 


Low Contrast

This is another editing style that has become very popular in the last year or so.  This editing style is supposed to mimic what film looked like when people used it back in the day.  Did you know that film is actually coming back? I shot some when I was in France for a trip, so I can’t wait to show you what it looks like when the film scans get back.  These images show lower contrast and higher black points, so the colors mix together a little more. I definitely love these types of images so you may see more in the near future! A photographer in Dallas that I admire  very much is Allen Tsai Photography! Here's an example of how he makes these types of images super flawless! 

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 2.24.02 PM.png


2. Their Shooting Style


The other word I like to use for documentary is candid, because I feel as though documentary sounds so stiff and this is the total opposite.  My favorite shooting style is definitely candid. If you’ve looked through my work, you definitely know that I try to shoot very candid and raw emotion because I think it is so much more fun and interesting to see what the client is really like!  If you need help on how to pose candid, check out my tips HERE and you'll be posing like a PRO in no time.


Think…. Mom and Dad’s wedding album that sits on the coffee table in the living room you're not allowed in! If you like super-posed images, this is the shooting style you are going to want to find. There are definitely ways to put some creativity in this style with the background, your outfits, etc.!

As you’ll see when researching, many photographers will use a blend of documentary and portraiture styled shooting, but make sure to love what you are getting. Do your research! I believe that having fun is the number one rule when having a photo session, so make sure you do too! You can check my tips for the easiest ways to have fun right here on my DOWNLOAD! If you have any extra tips, comment below some ideas!  I always love hearing from you guys. 

3. Their Personality &


Getting to know your photographer is something that I think that EVERY client should do. You should always feel comfortable and friendly with the person you have booked a session with. WHY!? Because you want to feel comfortable in front of the camera and if you are comfortable with the person behind it, it's a WIN WIN! Like I said before, photo sessions should ALWAYS be fun and stress free. If you're wanting more tips like that, DOWNLOAD the photoshoot prep guide here!  Knowing your photographer's personality is something that is constantly overlooked, but I feel that it is essential to having a fun, stress-free photoshoot. If you’ve downloaded my lead magnet you know that having fun on a shoot is the best way to have your photos turn out how you want them! If you haven't downloaded it yet, click HERE! I've listed out some fun tips below on how to get to know your photographer:

One way is to have to have a call!

I think that this is SO important before booking your photographer. Before a call, you most likely have just looked through their social media, found out they have a cute dog (LIKE ME!), and you like their style. Once you get on the phone, you can really get to know someone by the way they are engaging in the conversation, making you feel comfortable even if it's just your voices, and are thoroughly interested in what you have to say! It is so easy for things to get lost in translation when emailing back and forth, so pick up the phone and give them a RING! And if you want to know how to get on the phone with me, just click HERE

Creep their social media!

Now this may sound weird, but c'mon, be honest! We have ALL done it. Most photographers have business & personal social media pages! If you can, give them both a follow (like my personal & business)!  Click the image ---> here to go straight to my instagram! This way you know things that they like to do, places they eat at, how they spend their day, etc. These are all super great topics that can be brought up in your phone consolation or at your session.  Having things in common make everyone feel relatable and more comfortable. It's inevitable! 

You gotta catch a vibe!

So... what do I mean by that? When you jump on the phone with your prospective photographer, you should feel some sort of a connection. Do you have things in common? Did you both go to the same college? Did you both grow up on the beach?  Have you seen any of their guides, like mine here? Those are things that will make you feel a connection to one another. Another thing that you can talk with them about is your vision: the theme or story you are trying to portray in your images with that photographer.  Do they understand it, or are they trying to go a completely different direction? Are they bringing more great ideas to the table or are they not interested? Catch the vibe of how you both are feeling about each other then make the decision! Photos last a lifetime, so make sure you are happy with your initial choice! Get some tips HERE on how to make the most of your photoshoot once you've selected the ONE you are happy with! 

Look at their portfolio! 

Last but not least... make sure to get a GREAT look at their portfolio.  Know what their editing & shooting style is before booking them so you are not surprised when you get the images back.  Something that a lot of my clients have done has been that they have asked for a previous wedding or session gallery.  I feel as this only makes your chances better when showing them how amazing a photographer's work can be! So don't hesitate to ask for more than is being shown on their website or social media! 

You can go straight to my galleries page HERE to get a look at my work! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and you got what you were looking for! I hope these tips help you in your next photoshoot and once you've chosen your photographer, I've got you covered on how to prepare for your photoshoot like a PRO (even if you are so far from being TYRA BANKS!)  Feel free to reach out if you have ANY questions! Follow along on my instagram for more helpful hints or download the guide for FREEEE HERE! I hope to talk with you soon!